Toro 21766 53cm AWD Lawnmower

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The Toro 21766  All Wheel Drive system which provides continuous drive to all 4 wheels will give excellent traction on slopes or when mowing in damp or wet conditions. The Toro 21766 AWD machine will keep a straight line when mowing. All wheel drive also helps with moving the mower around turns or obstacles on the lawn including flower beds and shrubs.The Toro Automatic Drive System with traction assist propels the mower along at a comfortable pace of your choosing. The drive system continually adapts to your speed, slower or quicker even up or down slopes. It is constructed of Steel deck assy. It is fitted with a quick change system to go from collect to mulch without having to remove the grass box.

Due to the weight of the machine it is fitted with individual height levers with a cutting height range of 25mm to 102mm.